Colorado Land Owner Tags and Vouchers


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If you want to get an elk, deer, antelope or bighorn sheep in a Colorado hunt that is in a hard to draw unit, then you should look into a Colorado landowner voucher. Colorado has lots of hunting units that have the opportunity to harvest trophy elk, trophy deer and trophy sheep, but drawing a hunting tag in a prime GMU can be difficult and time-consuming. 

A Colorado landowner permit allows the hunter to purchase a hunting tag that is valid for the entire limited-permit management unit. This process lets you bypass the hunting tag drawing. A landowner permit allows you to hunt areas you would normally only be able to hunt if you drew a hunting tag through the regular draw process. Since Colorado's landowner permit process gives the tags to landowners, or allows them to apply for the landowner vouchers, it can be difficult to find the landowner permit you want. Especially since Colorado does not publish which landowners have been awarded the landowner tags.

Once you obtain your Colorado landowner tag, Hunters Domain can help you obtain a fully-guided Colorado hunt, or help you get a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hunt.

Visit our website at and browse our Colorado hunting listings, or give Jimmy a call at 936-635-0929 to help obtain a Colorado landowner tag.